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Welcome to my page on "simple models." This page contains spreadsheet based macroeconomic models, including the ones displayed in my IMF Working Paper entitled "The Algebraic Galaxy of Simple Macroeconomic Models:A Hitchhiker’s Guide."  These models have two main objectives:

Didactic: to motivate how key macroeconomic disturbances are transmitted to macroeconomic outcomes in a small open economy.

Policy design: to provide indicative alternative scenarios -- both risk and adjustment -- to supplement a financial programming exercise.

“The Algebraic Galaxy of Simple Macroeconomic Models: A Hitchhiker’s Guide,”

by Evan C. Tanner

Open Economies Review, Feb 2018

The views expressed this website and material posted herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the IMF, its Executive Board, or IMF management.  


Spreadsheet based models

similar to paper*

* Note: Quantitative results may differ from original paper.

This version of the model has a streamlined non-technical dashboard that is appropriate for in-class presentations. The dashboard also includes a simple risk analysis (documentation to appear here soon).

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