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  • This website features spreadsheet-based models and tools designed to be integrated into a college / university course in macroeconomics.

  • Put students into the "driver's seat." Let them learn about topics in macroeconomics with simple, easy- to-use spreadsheet templates and models.

  • Videos and exercises help integrate "hands on" workshops into courses based on widely-used textbooks.

  • Let's make the course on macroeconomics more involved, relevant, exciting, and fun -- for both students and professors.

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Welcome!  A message from the author.

I have written a full textbook, that is currently available online, which is closely linked to materials on this website.


Click the button to the right to have a look!

Alternatively, the materials on this website might be integrated into a course based on one of these textbooks -- or any other that you may already be using!

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